Auto Loan Options for People with Bad Credit

by: Peter Lenkefi

Internet surfers with bad credit looking for an auto loan are bombarded with advertisements most days. Many of these ads are truthful in their bad credit auto loan options. However, there are many things to avoid, and this article will describe some of those.

Directly financed auto loans for people with good credit are a bit different than those with bad credit. People with bad credit are expected to pay more of a down payment as well as a higher interest rate on their auto loans. Many creditors won’t even extend an auto loan to those with bad credit. Depending on how bad someone’s credit is, auto loans can range from a 20 – 50% down payment requirement, interest rates from 5-26%, and amortization (the length of the loan) anywhere from 2-4 years.

This may sound like a lot of bad news for bad creditors looking for an auto loan. But with some good planning and foresight, these auto loans can actually help people with bad debts rebuild their credit history.

The worst situations in bad credit auto loans show up when car dealers artificially inflate the pricing or interest rates on their cars. Auto dealers who specialize in bad credit loans will take a car normally selling for $5,000, inflate the price to $8,000, take a $2,500 down payment and then finance the purchase at 24%. Now the bad creditor will be in debt to the auto loan company for an inflated price that isn’t indicative of the vehicle’s real value. A way to counteract these types of sneaky bad credit auto loan dealers is to check the value of the car you are looking at, first, and then only pay $200-500 extra then what’s listed. Only in exceptional circumstances would you ever pay more than this for a car.

Two different ways of selling a car have emerged recently with the new, Internet economy. The first is called the ‘dealer network system’. Auto purchasers can get a loan regardless of their bad credit history with this option. Essentially, a potential customer looks at a car on a website, and then answers some basic questions if interested in buying. This information is then passed along to a dealer specializing in bad credit auto loans. Since there are no fees involved, this can be a real boon for the bad creditor looking for a decent car loan. However, with this system, there is no way of researching the auto dealership you are about to do business with.

The other new option is called an application service. In this situation, a person with bad credit applies online for an auto loan, and the financial information is then sent to multiple lenders at the same time, with the hope that one or two will be willing to take the credit risk. If the system works, several dealerships with fight for the customer, using price and convenience as their selling points.

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Using Payday Advance Loans Wisely: Emily’s Smart Move

by: Joel Walsh

Thinking about taking out a payday advance loan but worried about falling into a debt trap? Read this real-world scenario of how one person navigated the maze of payday advance loans to stay out of debt.

Ever wonder how some people manage to take out expensive payday advance loans and still come out on top financially? It’s not easy, but it is certainly possible. This is the story of Emily, one person who used a payday advance loan to dig herself out of a financial rut.

Emily’s charge card, car payment, cellular phone bill, and rent were all due in three days, $1,500 total. Emily had $500 in the bank. Her monthly pay check wouldn’t come for ten more days, and her boss said no to a payday advance. Loans were out of the question, she thought. She needed the money in three days, and a bank loan would take that long just to mail her the paperwork.

If Emily was late paying her $300 credit card bill, she would incur a $35 late fee which would make her balance exceed her credit limit, earning her a $50 over-the-limit fee. She couldn’t afford to be late on her car loan, cellular phone or rent, even though there were no late fees. Having paid each of those bills late a few times in the past, she’d be skating on thin ice if she did it again.

Cash Advance Payday Loans: Emily’s Salvation?

Emily decided to apply for a cash advance payday loan. She knew it would be foolish simply to trust a lender of these loans for information. Searching on the internet, she found a website that did not belong to a payday advance loan lender, but instead reviewed the payday loan lenders.

She visited the website of online payday advance loan lender that was rated particularly well. Emily knows there are a lot of cheats on the web, so she was careful. Here’s what she looked for:

• The loan company’s website had a link to the Better Business Bureau. Clicking on the link, Emily saw the company’s record: member in good standing with no unresolved complaints.

• The loan company’s application clearly stated what the fees were, and what the annual percentage rate (APR) was. It also stated what penalties Emily would have to pay if she did not pay back the loan on time.

• Looking at a few other websites, Emily saw that the original loan company’s loan terms, fees, and interest rates were competitive.

• She double-checked that her upcoming paycheck would be enough to cover all her outstanding bills.

• She then checked into all the bills she would have to pay in between her upcoming paycheck and the one after that. After all, with her next paycheck going to repay the payday advance loan, she would need to make sure there was enough money left over to pay her remaining bills. She didn’t want to have to take out another loan after that.

• Emily figured out that she would have $300 left over after she paid all the bills between now and the next month’s paycheck. Living for 40 days on only $300 would be a challenge. But she decided she could do it if she economized. She would bring her lunch to work rather than buy it in the cafeteria, and give up going out at night–including un-inviting herself from a co-worker’s upcoming birthday party at the neighborhood bar.

• She posted notes on her refrigerator, steering wheel, and wallet, reminding herself not to make too many car trips, waste food, or splurge. She made herself the goal of reading several books she’d always wanted to read, rather than going out. She got them free from the library.

Did Emily’s Payday Advance Loan Plan Succeed?

Fully prepared, Emily took a $1000 cash advance from the ABC Loan Company and repaid it on the 15th along with a $50 fee. She saved $85 in credit card penalty fees. She also stayed on the good side of her landlord, car loan lender, bank, and cellular phone provider.

The experience also brought home to Emily that she was living too close to the limits of her paycheck. She realized that she would be better off moving out of her studio apartment, into a room in an apartment of a few friends. She’d also save money on gas by moving closer to work.

Today, Emily is grateful to the payday lender for saving her from financial disaster. She’s also proud of herself for being able to stay out of the debt trap so many other payday cash advance borrowers get into. She recommends to all her friends that if they ever get a payday loan, they do their homework, just like she did.

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Auto Loans: Don’t Dig a Money Pit in Your Garage

by: Joel Walsh

Choose the wrong auto loan and you might drastically increase the chances of defaulting and losing your car. Find out step-by-step how to avoid a money pit.

Car loans are certainly less costly than home mortgages, student loans, or other kinds of loans. So why do so many people end up defaulting and losing their cars? Find out these hidden dangers:
Biggest Hidden Car Loan Danger: The Inherent Money Pit

Unlike home mortgages, student loans or other big-ticket loans, car loans are inherently money pits. A house can build equity; higher education can increase earning potential; even jewelry can sometimes be re-sold for as much as was paid for it. If you borrow to buy one of those things, you may eventually get a return on investment. But every single car loses significant value and keeps losing it as time goes by.

Solution: spend as little on your car as possible.

Of course, in order to spend as little as possible over the life of the vehicle, you need to get a well-made, fuel-efficient car, rather than the one with the lowest price on the windshield.

But a pickup truck, SUV, sports car, or “luxury” model is a guaranteed money-loser. Don’t worry about what other people will think. Think about it: when was the last time you saw an expensive automobile and thought, “I really like and respect whoever owns that!”

The best buy? Many economists actually recommend buying a used car that’s a year or two old. That way you can actually benefit from the fact that cars only drop in value. Even a car that’s just six months old may offer you a substantial savings. Just have it inspected thoroughly so you don’t lose what you’ve saved on maintenance payments.
Hidden Car Loans Danger: Dangerously High Monthly Payments

Unfortunately, most people never figure out the total cost before signing on the dotted line. They end up staying up late at night trying to figure out how to make ends meet. They live in smaller houses. They skip going out at night. They don’t go on vacation.

All that sacrifice to have a brand-new SUV in the driveway!

Take a hard look at your finances, and figure out how much you can pay total each month for your car. Be sure to take into account insurance, tax, maintenance, and fuel. Usually, when people actually do calculate the total monthly cost of the car they’re considering buying, they’re amazed by how high it is.
How Much Car Debt Can You Afford?

1) Make a list of your average monthly non-car expenses, and subtract them from your earnings.

-___your monthly after-income-tax income

-___any other taxes

-___housing (including any fees and property taxes, and utilities)


-___health insurance or HMO

-___life insurance

-___debt payments

-___401 (k), IRA, or other long-term savings

-___short-term savings

-___telephone, cellular phone, cable, internet, etc.

-___entertainment and fun stuff (be honest!)

-___cost of yearly vacation(s) divided by 12

-___other expenses

= ____what you can spend on a car

2) Subtract your monthly car-related expenses from the amount you have left over from your other expenses.

___What you can spend on a car (from above)

-___Amount you’re spending per month on gas (raise or lower this figure depending on whether you are getting a car with higher or lower gas mileage).

-___Monthly maintenance (remember: your new car won’t stay new long, so maintenance will be an issue).

-___Monthly insurance (remember that for a new car, your insurance premiums may go up).


= ____ Maximum monthly loan payment.

Now plug the number above into a vehicle loan rate calculator to figure out big of a car loan, and how much interest you can afford.
Final Hidden Auto Loan Danger: Unnecessarily High Rates

If you simply take the first loan the dealer offers you, you are probably paying too much. Do some comparison shopping on the internet, and bring a list of the best loans with you when you negotiate loan terms with the dealer.

Don’t let the dealer cheat you by shifting the cost from the car loan to the car price to the deal on your trade-in. Make sure you get a good deal overall.

Congratulations! You now are far better prepared to stay out of an auto loan money pit than the vast majority of car buyers.

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Joel Walsh is a regular contributor to Auto Loans :, where he writes about how you can get the best car loan

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5 Tips to Buying the Perfect Seat Cover

by: John Mancini

For a lot of people, buying a car is a large investment, one to be well cared for. Perhaps, the easiest, most reliable way to protect the value of your vehicle is to fit it with seat covers. This can be a minimal investment; however, price should not be the only consideration while shopping for covers. Before you pick out your new seat covers, consider these tips.

1- The most important thing to remember when shopping for seat covers is to know the exact make and model of your car. I know this sounds obvious, but without the exact specifications, you could end up with the perfect seat covers that are completely wrong for your car. You will need to know what type of seats you have, if it is a bench seat, is there a split? Pay attention to what type of headrest your seats are made with; are they bucket seats or captains’ chairs? All of these differences will have an impact on what seat cover is the right one for your vehicle.

2- Now that you know the type of cover you are looking for, its time to think about price. Seat covers for your car are just like most other things in life quality will cost more. A high quality seat cover will be more expensive, but it will not shift around on the seat or wear out quickly. However, there is something to be said for buying a less expensive seat cover. If you are the type of person who likes to change their environment, then purchasing a cheaper cover that will be replaced rather quickly is probably a good idea for you.

3- Pay close attention to the type of material that the covers are made of. Ideally, you are looking for something that is machine washable, stain and water repellent, something that is tough and durable, these will be used everyday. There is a large variety of materials that are used for seat covers and they all have their own advantages. For example, sheepskin keeps a steady temperature in the cold and heat alike, making it ideal for most climates. While canvas, Cordoba and tweed are known for quality and durability.

4- It’s best to look for and purchase seat covers from manufacturers that offer a lifetime warranty. Keeping the receipt is a vital part of being able to use the warranty if it is needed, keep it in the glove box with other important papers.

5- If, after shopping around, you still are unable to find just the right cover in just the right material and pattern, consider getting it custom made. Custom-made seat covers are available from many upholstery shops as well as from many online stores. Buying custom-made seat covers allows you to get a seat cover that not only fits your seat, but also your personality.

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To Lease Or Not To Lease?

by: Jeff Slokum

Thinking of leasing a car? It’s pretty awesome to always have a new looking car sitting in your driveway! But, you may want to take a few things into consideration before jumping in to a lease head first.

When you lease a vehicle, you’re given the right to use it for a specific number of months and miles. Yes, the monthly payments are lower than if you bought the car outright. And that’s pretty attractive! A low monthly offer definitely captures your attention during car commercials. But at the end of a lease, you’re empty-handed. The lease might allow you to buy the car under certain terms – make sure those terms are stated, if that’s something you think you’re going to be interested in.

It depends on your needs. You may not want to keep a vehicle very long, in which case, leasing could be a valuable option.

Either way, check the beginning, middle, and end of lease costs. Are there mileage limits? Most likely. What upkeep is required? You usually have to abide by manufacturer’s recommendations on servicing the vehicle (changing oil, rotating tires, etc.).

Usually if you end a lease early, you end up having to pay a pretty hefty termination charge. Check out all the fine print so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Many times you have to agree on a specific number of miles you’d drive a year. (normally 12,000 to 15,000 annually). If you go above that, there’d be additional charges. Take that into consideration of you’re planning a family vacation by car.

Damage, excess wear to the vehicle, and any missing parts incur additional charges, as would be expected.

Naturally, the leasing company requires you to have car insurance.

There might be extra upfront costs, like a down payment, a security deposit, taxes and other fees. So your initial payment might be higher than you first thought. Check it all out before signing on the dotted line.

I have several friends who would only lease, and would never consider buying a car. If you’re the type of person who wants to trade your car in every two years or so, and you take good care of your vehicles, leasing may be for you. On the other hand, if you’re the type to drive a car into the dust and hold onto it forever, leasing would be a more expensive option than an outright purchase.

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Top 10 Tips You Must Know When Buying a Car

by: Alex Fir

1. You should purchase your new car at or around Christmas time because with everybody buying their Christmas presents, not many of them are looking to buy a new car, and it forces dealerships to up their sales strategies. Salesmen are more willing to haggle down to your prices to close the deal.

2. You can also get a good deal from July to October because that is the time of year when dealerships are trying to get rid of their inventory to make way for the new models.

3. Purchasing a car online is becoming a great way to get a new car. Just wait for good rebates and incentives online and shop around. Print out your information from the best quotes and bring it to the dealer that you are most willing to work with. Bringing in lower quotes from another company might be your best bet in getting a good deal.

4. You should visit if you are hoping to find new car prices, dealer incentives, and the best rebate offers. This site is the first place that you should go for great advice on buying a car. It’s even more informative than the Kelley Blue book. This program for buying new cars can literally save you thousands of dollars.

5. A good place to start when going into a dealership is to bring a copy of your credit score with you. It can lower your interest rates on your car loan. Your car dealer should not know more about you than you do.

6. You can avoid a common scam that dealerships pull. You will often hear that your financing fell through and that you have to respond by paying more money on your loan. Don’t believe it. It’s another reason for you to get a copy of your credit score.

7. Another common scam by dealership salesmen is for them to tell you that they have found you a lower rate, but that they want you to re-sign your loan papers. Usually, that is a downright lie. Once they pull up your financing information, they have the upper hand if you don’t know the details about your credit information. You can get a copy of your credit information online at for about $10-$15. It’s better to pay $15 now than thousands later.

8. Don’t bring in a car for trade in if you still owe money on it. The dealership rarely pays the rest of the loan on time which will result in you having to pay a great deal of late fees to the bank. If you do decide to bring a car in that you owe money on, get it in writing from the dealership that they will pay the balance on the car within 10 days.

9. Sometimes a dealership may not have all of your options and must order the car directly from the dealership. If this happens they will often ask you to pay $500-$1000 for a deposit on the car. Try not to pay more than $500 and be sure to pay with a credit card because sometimes the dealership will tell you that there was a price increase on the vehicle and will want more money. If you pay with a credit card you have room to dispute the amount being taken from you. If you pay by check, you can just consider the money gone.

10. You should never buy a car when you are in desperate need for one because a dealer will see that and take advantage. You should never wait until an old car is dead before searching for a new one because you should give yourself time to shop around for one and get the best deal possible. Desperation often clouds your judgment.

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