Cell Phone Shopping, Buy Mobile Phones

by: John Lim

It’s Time To Go Cell Phone Shopping! Find Out How To Buy Mobile Phones And Why Online Shopping Is A Good Option.

The best way to go cell phone shopping is to do it online. Log on, find a quality cell phone search engine and start looking. Whether or not you choose to actually buy the phone online is a different story, but researching for mobile phones is always best done online.

When you’re cell phone shopping, the important thing that you must remember is to compare the mobile phones. Don’t just look and compare the prices, but compare phone features, ratings and even reviews. All these will help you decide which cell phone you should buy.

Before you can start shopping for a cell phone, you have to first ask yourself – what kind of phone am I looking for? Learn about the types of features and functions cell phones have and find out which mobile phones have the kind of features that you like. Also take into consideration how much chatting you intend to do with your phone and pay attention when reviewers highlight the cell phone’s battery life. All these questions need to be answered before you buy your mobile phone.

Once you’re done cell phone shopping, you might want to consider ordering online. Apart from a wide selection of cell phones for you to browse through, you can also get some of the best deals online. You can actually get cheap cell phones online because there is no dealer charge. So now that you know how to go about cell phone shopping, get to it! Buying mobile phones has never been easier with online shopping.

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Avoiding Phone Taps

by: Shawn Davis

When you want to avoid phone taps on your line, one of the things you need to do is get a bug sweeper. These devices can help you find phone taps in your home that may be allowing others to get information that you do not want them to have. Regular bug sweeping with devices that you can easily find and buy over the Internet are key to ensuring that your confidential phone conversations remain confidential.

It is important to note, however, that there are other ways to avoid phone taps. Most telecommunications companies have had to make it easier for law enforcement to tap phones since 1994 and the passing of the law known as CALEA. Getting VoIP service over the Internet will protect you to a certain extent for the time being, although a recent FCC ruling demands that VoIP provides start building in easier third party access.

So, while you can probably detect phone bugs from the likes of amateur spies, bounty hunters, and some private investigators, detecting phone taps from law enforcement is a little trickier. Part of this problem is that they use hardwired solutions for their surveillance. This means that they tap into the phone line and create a physical bridge to their location. They can listen in without being near your house.

Cell phones might be able to help you avoid phone taps, if you use them to make the important and confidential calls out of your area. However, when in the vicinity of your cell phone, these are actually the easiest calls to intercept. You should always be careful when using a cell phone to discuss sensitive information, as it is possible for nearly anyone to hear it in the right conditions, inadvertently or on purpose. In any case, it is very difficult to avoid phone taps by law enforcement or military personnel because of the nature of how they tap a phone.

But even though you may not detect bugs from law enforcement, it is still worth your while to invest in some counter surveillance bug sweepers. This way you can still avoid revealing information when someone else is trying to nail you by using phone taps.

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