Google’s Book Scanning and Copyright Laws

by: Richard A. Chapo

As you may know, Google is making an effort to scan every book in the world. The goal is to create a giant online database of every book that can be searched. One small problem is the fact that Google is violating copyright laws.


Google argues its book database doesn’t violate copyright laws. The company suggests it only shows short passages and accompanies the text with ads showcasing where the full books can be purchased. Of course, the ads are Google Adwords from which the company makes a tidy profit.

On Tuesday, the search goliath rolled out stand-alone book search services in 14 countries. The same day, the Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) became the latest publishers’ organization to call Google’s opt-out strategy backwards.

Authors, Publishers and publishing associations are not happy. While Google only publishes the full text of books in the public domain, it is still copying entire books for which it has no permission. Google claims it can do this because the books are being scanned from versions owned by public libraries. Fearing an avalanche of lawsuits, Google backed off.

In August, Google stopped scanning copyrighted books in public library collections. At the same time, it gave publishers the right to submit lists of books the publishers didn’t want scanned. As you can image, publishers still aren’t happy.

The Arrogance of Google

Once viewed as the underdog to giants such as Microsoft, Google continues to act like the local school bully. In this case, the company has taken such an arrogant approach that lawsuits are inevitable. Google is going to take a beating in the lawsuits and here is why.

Consider the neighborhood you live in. What if a local crime syndicate informed every household it was going to steal everything in each household. Undoubtedly, there would be calls of outrage. In response, what if the crime syndicate then suggested you could send a list of items in your house that you didn’t want stolen? This is exactly what Google is doing.

Google’s decision to scan every book in the world is idealistic, but laughably simple minded. At a time when the recording industry is suing teenagers for file swapping, one would think Google would get a clue.

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Personal Injury Compensation – The Edge

by: Mohammad Latif

Millions of personal injury claims are filed every year. However there is only a small proportion that actually get settled. Learn more on how to get yours settled.

There are too many situations in which an accident injury can happen. Whether outside or at home, even if you are a careful person, the rest of the world is not as perfect. The only thing you can really do is to protect yourself from the painful consequences of personal injuries and, if anything happens to you, all you can do is claim for personal injury compensation.

All injuries, particularly the severe ones, have more or less traumatic experiences and they can seriously affect both your personal life and work. Such situations can make you a victim in two ways: first by the injury itself as damage to your health and second by the moral, social and material losses following the accident.

You can’t turn back the flow of the time and avoid what has already happened but a personal injury claim can compensate you for the rest of your problems.

Bad Experiences?

In the past, many companies offered their services to injured people using harassing and not very honest methods. They intruded accident victims at home, pushed ill people into court cases and sucked their wallets dry regardless of the final verdicts.

Even if a person won their injury claim, they would get only a small piece of the compensation, because these companies took most of their money for their fees and other costs.

They didn’t care about the well being of their clients – only about ‘the profit’. People were bitter and they felt conned by their advisors – and any advisor should be a trustworthy person.

This situation changed with putting the ‘No Win No Fee’ policy into practice. What was even better, the policy evolved into ‘Win Or No Win No Fee’ rule. The new methods for solicitors had changed the form of injury compensation claims and made them what they should be from the very beginning: the help and relief for people suffering from personal injury.

What Does ‘No Win – No Fee’ Policy Really Mean?

Each personal injury compensation claim needs money. The injury has to be assessed and the medical report must be prepared. The court fees and other payments must be paid, too. And finally, the no win no fee solicitor should earn something as well.

But does it mean all these costs ought to be paid by you? Absolutely not! After all, the aftermath of an injury itself is expensive and troublesome enough and you need every penny from your compensation. More than just need: you deserve it!

The deal is simple. First of all: you choose a personal injury solicitor and contact them, not inversely.

If you employ them, the solicitor pays all the fees and bills along the way to your injury claim settlement. They take care of everything. These costs are paid by the solicitor whether you win or lose your compensation claim. They put their money, not your, into the case and they take all the risk. If they lose your claim, you don’t lose a penny – why would you, if they didn’t help you?

If you win, you get 100% of your injury compensation money and the solicitor receives all payments, fees and bills from the losers or their insurance company. This kind of deal is absolutely safe for you and – what is quite logical – it assures you that the personal injury solicitor will do their best to win. As you can see, the ‘No Win No Fee’ method is simple and honest – no hidden costs, no small print, no strings attached.

Any personal injury is a big problem itself. Serious injuries can drastically change your life. But with the right solicitor’s help and later, with the money from successful personal injury compensation claim, you can easily return to the normality.

The health problems, any psychological damage, costs of medical treatment, loss of income, job issues and many others losses may be compensated thanks to a personal injury claim.

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It’s easy to claim for personal injury compensation, if you know how. Learn the new injury claim culture at and get a free assessment.

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