The 4C’s of Branding

By Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed.

Branding could be defined as a guiding philosophy for building business. The benefits of building a strong brand are tremendous. With a strong name brand, you have instant name recognition, can charge higher fees, get to choose who you work with, and can handle economic changes and challenges with greater ease. In addition, a strong brand demonstrates the four C’s of branding: Clarity, Competence, Communication, and Constancy.
Does your brand pass the ‘Four C Test?’

C1: Clarity
Strong brands are clear about who they are and what they do. They have named and claimed their domain, often in the form of a mission statement that is shared with employees, customers, and the community. For Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates envisioned a computer on every desk in the world.

My mission statement is clear and concise.
1____(no) 5_____ (maybe) 10_____ (yes)

C2: Competence
Strong brands have suitable skills, qualifications, and experience related to their field. They prove their worth by under promising and over-delivering. These are the people and companies you call when you need the job done right the first time. Fed Ex is known for getting your package there “no matter what.”

I have full confidence in my ability and products/or services.
1____(no) 5_____ (maybe) 10_____ (yes)

C3: Communication
Strong brands have a variety of ways to get their message delivered to their intended audience. Nowadays, companies have to use traditional and non-traditional ways of communicating with their customers. With my own coaching business, I give in-person seminars, write books, workbooks, articles, an ezine, advertise in magazines, radio/television stations, maintain two websites, and use other internet services and sites to communicate locally and globally.

My communication system if far-reaching and varied.
1____(no) 5_____ (maybe) 10_____ (yes)

C4: Constancy
Strong brands are highly visible to their target audience. They are constantly there for their customers, prospects, and networking contacts. The Oprah empire is a great example. She is everywhere! From her weekly tv show, to O magazine, numerous media appearances, and volunteer activities— Oprah is constantly in the public eye.
My visibility is high and consistent.
1____(no ) 5_____ (maybe) 10_____ (yes)

In an issue of Fast Company magazine, it said, “We are CEO’s of our own company, Me, Inc. To be in business today, your most important job is to build a market for the

Fast Company (magazine)
Fast Company (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

brand called You. The good news is that everyone has a change to stand out. Everyone has a chance to be a brand worthy of remark.” When building and branding your business, you need to keep the four C’s in mind, because no brand can become the best brand without passing the ‘Four C Test.’


How does your brand rate?
0-15: You need to work on your branding strategy
15-30: You have made some headway with your brand strategy
30-40: You have a solid name brand strategy

About the author:

Michelle L. Casto is a whole life coach, speaker, and author of Get Smart! About Modern Romantic Relationships, Get Smart! About Modern Career Development, and Get Smart! About Modern Stress Management. Her coaching practice is Brightlight Coaching, she helps people come up with bright ideas for their life and empowers them to freely shine their bright light to the world.
Coaching is an empowering and enlightening experience. Michelle can work with you to build and brand your business. Contact her for a free 30 minute coaching session: (361) 949-0337
or visit

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Do You Love Yourself?

by: Rick Valens

Always feeling insecurity over your love relationship? So much so to the extent of even feeling suspicious, doubting your partner’s love for you? Well though it might not exactly always be your fault but still I must say, this is the beginning of a very unhealthy relationship. In the long run, it might even lead to an end of the relationship.

I should believe that you are having such thoughts because you really cherish this relationship? But well, perhaps cherishing it just a bit too much? Think about it, how would you feel if things were the other way round? Would you like it if your partner were to doubt your love for them instead? Always calling on you to find out where you are, whom you are with, what you are doing? Believe me, nobody like that. It is only negative and more negative feedbacks that I have got from friends that are having such encounters.
Some, who simply cannot stand it, initiated a break off.

Remember, trust between partners is one of the key criteria to a happy and fulfilling relationship. Without it, an ever-lasting relationship would never be possible.

But first of all, before we can built up this mutual trust, that is one very important thing you must achieve and that is, to trust yourself! If you don’t even trust yourself, how can you expect others, your very love to trust you? To have faith in the relationship?

You must believe in yourself, believing that there is this very special you within yourself. A very special you that make you well liked by friends and family, which of course also include your very love, loving this very special and unique you.

Everybody is unique in his or her very own way. That can only be one you and no more else in this world. Your friends and family like you for who you are. Your love, loves you for who you are. So when everyone genuine likes you, how can you yourself, don’t like yourself as who you are? Doubting your very own self? I don’t suppose you wanna lose your friends and that special someone whom you truly love?

Look into the mirror today and tell yourself, “You are great! I love you!” Yes, when you love yourself, you will naturally have this feel of confidence bringing out that very radiance in you. When you yourself are happy, others will naturally feel happy when being with you.

Remember, love is always a two-way communication. It takes two, a happy you and a happy him or her to complete the equation.


Rick Valens
Staff Writer for, Love Relationship Discussion Forum

Currently also freelance writer for ,
Monument of Eternal Memory

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