4 tips to Increase your income online part 2

by: Smiley George

“The Internet has opened a whole new world of opportunity for even the smallest home-based business owner. There is countless number of new self-made millionaires that achieved their newfound success on the Internet. These new millionaires are no different from you and I. They started their Internet business from the ground … found a niche and built their success one day at a time” Shelly Lowery

Step 1: Have a Product you can deliver online.

Does it sound outrageous? Yes, /No, Whichever. Delivery a product online is one among various legitimate ways of making money online or increases your income online. The product that you deliver online, need to be intangible and flexible. I give examples E-books, Affiliate programs, Information products like MLM (Multi-level Marketing.) Please do not get me wrong here, products can be deliver offline too, but this is the old fashion way. Hey folks! We are now in a globalize community. Activities need to be done fast as to remain in business. Come to think of it, lectures including examinations are done online. Those in the Finance institutions including the Aviations industry are not left in the dark. For funds are paid and transferred online and airline tickets are booked online. So, what are you waiting for? Get a product that you know you are good at and can deliver online. Need more help, visit www.web-source.net

Step 2: You need to have prompt response.

Wait a second. Have you given it a thought that when you begin to activate your email account with any of the service providers like yahoo.com/mail.com among others, your get instant response to all the followed instructions, like user Id has already been used and some other stuff. Remember, your are not to spend 24/7/365 on the net. There are other appointments to attend to. For further clarifications and better understand, visit www.getresponse.com

Step 3: You need a way to accept payment online.

A must have, if you really want to make money online, increase your income online and possibly remain online. If this step is absent from your website, even if the previous two is present, you are only reducing the number of visitors to your site. Kindly re-consider upgrading or building a new website with all these features in it. Please visit www.paypal.com/www.2checkout.com/www.clickbank.com
my little advice. Ensure maximum security.

Step 4: You need a traffic website.

Your website have been upgraded with step 1 to step 3 in it. But that’s not all. You need to attract more visitors to your site just as honey attracts bees. The higher the number of visitors to your site, chances is that (if your product is on a high demand) your sales will rise. Consider these options:
a. promotion
b. link exchange
c. freebies

you will agree with me that the above tips are practical and applicable if rigorously followed. And once you start making your money and your income starts to increase, forget me not.

About the Author

Smiley George,is a seasoned Proofreader.He is into Events Marketing and Managemet and freelance writing. He is to publish soon two books,Ad and Exam Success Secrets. Email: jamesbourn@yahoo.co.uk

4 Steps To Unleashing Profits In Your Online Business

by: Barry Gilbert
4 Steps To Unleashing Profits In Your Online Business

– by Barry Gilbert

(c) Barry Gilbert – All Rights reserved

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Ever wonder how the thousands of “under the radar” web
businesses that earn well over $100,000/year (many with
much higher sales) out of their own home do it?

Over the last year I’ve had the great fortune to speak
with many of these true, hidden entrepreneurs at
conferences, seminars, e.t.c.

What I’m about to share with you also came true for me,
and is outlined in more detail in my Ultimate Information
Entrepreneur’s Success Package

Here’s an example of their business model:

1. Information Products. Without a doubt, each one of
the successes I know market their own infoproducts.
For some, it’s an ebook. Others have special reports.
Still others run online coaching programs, membership
sites, paid newsletters, teleseminars, or produce
digital audio or video products.
It’s not their only source of income, but is a MAJOR
source of income, and more important, brands them an
expert in their field leading to success with 2 and
3 below.

2. Market related Affiliate Products. Again, in almost
every case, these online success stories become experts
at finding and creating joint venture deals with partners.

But, they work differently than most affiliates.

They start by ALWAYS reviewing the product they will market.
Second, they look for a different way to present the
product or service – a more beneficial way to show users the
real benefit in the affiliate product. Third, they use
the branding from 1 to negotiate higher commissions and
focus on high commission programs only.

3. They monetize their traffic using Adsense or selling
advertising on their sites. For high traffic pages
where adding paid ads or Google’s Adsense will not impact
their own sales, they will run ads to further monetize
their sites.

4. Sell their time. You will find that truly successful
people online LOVE to help people succeed. But…for
every person who is really dedicated to succeeding there
are 10 “tire kickers” who want someone to hand them
success on a silver platter. It doesn’t work that way,
nothing works that way. So, in order to leave time to
help those who really want it, coaching programs are
formed. Yes – you have to pay big money, but you should
easily be able to get 10X the value for money spent.

So as you can see, there is no ONE single way to build
your wealth online.

Instead, you build a diversified, rich and healthy
business by focusing on these 4 pillars. Not only will
you earn more money, but your business will be stronger
and build momentum faster when you do.

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