5 Home Biz Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Make!

by: bb lee

by BB Lee (C)2005

In a previous article appropriate steps to start a home based business were discussed.

This important article will review the 5 top mistakes many home based business owners make that might evolve into a great success story.

Warning! This approach is not for everyone. One theory is readers will learn a new way of thinking and perhaps propel their business ideas into motion.

Let’s get started with the list!

1. Business Plans. Many article’s online vow by the business plan. Every new business owner must draft a business plan if they want to succeed.

One successful business owner online never thought of drafting a business plan. He learned the hard way. He made many errors but claimed the learning experience
was a powerful teacher.

He further stated the lessons he learned were better than any course in business school or college. He soon learned how to deal with the many ups and downs in the
business world. Dealing with frustration. All things you learn from the school of hard knocks.

2. Education. Once again many experts think several degree’s are the key to immediate success in any chosen field. Many successful entrepreneurs never went to college. And quite a few barely finished high school. Success is not always in the books you read but in how you deal with your business in the real world.

3. Rushing. Experts believe you should take your time and wait to select the proper business for you and your background or education. Taking time to study the various ideas is key to success. Others see an opportunity and immediately grab it.4. Over confidence. Believing you will be successful and ignoring negative opinions from friends and family. Family might have good intentions, wanting to save you from making an error in judgement, but they might throw a wrench in your business idea. Halting the business venture altogether.

5. Unrealistic view. Always seeing the good side. Thinking positive. That yes you can succeed in this business. Positive thinking is an asset every self employed business owner should own. Many business owners with a positive outlook continue striding forward where others simply give up.

That’s the list. It bares repeating that going against expert advice is not for every new entrepreneur. But many new home biz owners found great success in following their own path.

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