What Is This About?

None of the contained articles have been written by this blog admin, they have been used before on other websites and sold as a complete product, hence “Recycled”. They are posted here with credit to the author, though most links had to be removed as they no longer work. The source from which the articles are from no longer exists.

This is a website constructed around the “AdSense Business In a Box” product.  It has been gathering virtual dust on my hard drive for  some time now and I thought it about time to do something with it. When I finally opened it I found an unattractive collection of articles ready to upload to a domain, with a program to swap out the Google id number. At first glance I knew the colour scheme had to go – ugly prison jumpsuit orange – and I had to figure out how to best utilise the articles covering 155 categorizes.

Upon researching the product and articles it contains, I could not find a lot of information or reproduction. I spot checked articles against the web, resulting in disappointing and lacking results. This told me 3 things: the product is old – oldest entry date 2007; the websites created no longer rank or are extinct; other owners also didn’t do anything with it.  But the product is  still being sold – go figure.

So I will endeavour to post them all here in the hope that it will be useful to researchers and marketers alike. Plus I wanted to play  around with WP.

😛 K